A Very Pony Place is a DVD featuring three stories. It is the first G3 DVD to feature stories that are not included as bonus features to other DVDs.

Come Back Lily LightlyEdit

Lily Lightly, a unicorn in Unicornia finds herself to be an outcast after her horn lights up when she giggles. The others

The story's on-screen logo.

never mean any harm by it and are just in awe over the sight. Nevertheless, Lily runs away, leaving the others and a few from Ponyville to find her. Along the way, Lily finds a firefly that tries to show her that her horn's glow is a unique feature about her but even after a song of encouragement, Lily hides behind a rock. The others find her using her horn's glow and eventually get Lily to return with them.

Two for the SkyEdit

Minty, Pinkie Pie and Sunny Daze arrive at Storybelle's place for her weekly Story Club meeting. Storybelle takes them

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up to to her Story Loft where she reads them the story of the same title featuring Star Flight and Heart Bright, ponies alike enough to be twins. The two ponies want to fly and try all kinds of ways without any success. That night, they dream about actually flying and find it a lot more difficult to adjust to. They wake up the next morning happy that they don't have wings.

Positively PinkEdit

The ponies have a birthday to celebrate, Pinkie Pie's and the general agreement is lots of pink wherever they can put it

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in town. However, they want it to be a surprise so Puzzlemint tries her best to keep Pinkie Pie away but Pinkie Pie's constant curiosity makes it difficult and the duo end up nearly encountering the others at every turn. While getting set-up, Minty ends up in a bucket of pink paint, leaving her to look identical to Pinkie Pie, whom initially gets confused at the sight but quickly figures it out. Finally the decorations are put up but they find out it's not Pinkie Pie's birthday after all. In fact, the next day is her birthday so the ponies agree on a double birthday.


Shine On (Come Back, Lily Lightly)

Two for the Sky (Two for the Sky)

The Most Amazing Story (Two for the Sky)

Positively Pink (Positively Pink)


The animated short "Positively Pink" is likely named after Pinkie Pie's catchphrase "Absolutely, definitely positively pink", which is referenced in the song directly and indirectly.