Cotton Candy owns the aptly named Cotton Candy Cafe. She's later seen announcing Pinkie Pie's band and helping with the Here Comes

Cotton Candy as depicted on the back of her figure's box.

Christmas Candy Cane.

“Cotton Candy is our official storyteller, and she runs the cleverly-named Cotton Candy Café. Her birthday present to her was easy—we just listened to her talk all day long!” - Razzaroo's description of Cotton Candy in "A Charming Birthday".

Ponies from all over Ponyville come to the Cotton Candy Cafe for tea parties and ice cream. There are festive "treats" in store everyday, because COTTON CANDY cooks up a storm. Let's see what's on the menu today! - Cotton Candy's description from the back of her playset's box.


Cotton Candy is dark pink with light blue light pink and white hair. Her cutie mark is pink cotton candy. She's first seen in A Charming Birthday  playing checkers with Pinkie Pie while Sweetberry is building the cake behind her. The cake topples over and Cotton Candy gets a cherry to eat. Later, she helps come up with ideas for Kimono's charm bracelet and is among the ponies that figure out what the final result will be. In A Very Minty Christmas, she helps with decorations and gets tangled up in the lights. Later on, she helps Triple Treat decide the theme of the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane. She also makes a cameo in "Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree" as both the announcer and the official for Pinkie Pie's band.

In her apperances, her colors tend to vary from a more purply pink in A Charming Birthday ot a lighter pink, similar to Rarity.

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