Daisyjo is a character with cameos throughout the G3 movies.


Daisyjo as depicted in her backcard's artwork.

If you're looking for DAISYJO you can almost always find her in her own backyard, working in her garden. She grows all of the prettiest flowers in PONYVILLE, in all the colors of the rainbow! - Daisyjo's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Daisyjo is a light purple pony with gold hair and green eyes. Her cutie mark is a pair of daisies. Daisyjo is first seen in A Very Minty Christmas admiring the sleigh with Minty and Peachy Pie as it rises above their heads. In The Princess Promenade, she can be seen working in the rose garden with Zipzee. Her third appearance is in Positively Pink, where she has slightly more screentime, contributing to the party for Pinkie Pie and singing the song relating to it. Her last apperance is in "Twinkle Wish Adventure" where she is among the crowd, though back to her lighter cameo apperances.


Daisyjo has had some merchandise during G3's run, including a McDonald's figure and is featured in at least some of the books.