Dazzle Surprise is a character in the G3 franchise.

DAZZLE SURPRISE is the party-lovingest friend in Ponyville. She loves meeting up with her friends and dancing all night and best of all, she loves shaking confetti out of her hair! - Dazzle Surprise's backcard story from


Dazzle Surprise is violet-pink with pale pink, dark pink and purple hair. Her eyes are pale green/yellow and her cutie mark is party confetti with glitter pieces. She had no on-screen appearances.


Dazzle Surprise was only available through mail order via the Pony Points Program. Getting her required 16 Pony Points (which were found on the back of packaging) and $2 for shipping. Instead of accessories, or even a box, she came in a plastic bag with a slip of paper with a short description of her. She ended up selling out more quickly than anticipated due to high demand and thus was only available for 8 months.


Dazzle Surprise sealed in its packaging.