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Friends Are Never Far Away showcases the bond between Star Catcher and Skywishes as they try to bring the shy pegasus ponies to

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On Butterfly Island, Star Catcher and Skywishes are playing a leap frog type of game before Star Catcher leads Skywishes to another spot on the island. There, she tells Skywishes of a problem she's having with her other friends, whom are too shy to visit Ponyville. After some thinking, Skywishes suggests a party and Star Catcher suggests ice cream as pegasai love to eat it. The deal is finalized with a pegasus promise, which involves the ponies joining tails that is topped off with a hoof bump. Up above, Star Catcher brings the news to the others but they aren't so willing to pay Ponyville a visit.

Star Catcher manages to convince everyone else except Thistle Whistle whom remains stubborn and suggests they wait until morning as everyone else is now tired. Back in Ponyville, they need an idea for the sundae and Triple Treat comes up with the winning idea but putting the cherry on top proves to be their toughest challenge yet. Elsewhere, Skywishes and Pinkie Pie are learning to sing but neither one of them enjoys the others' voice at all. Luckily for the others, Star Catcher helps put the cherry on top but not before the sundae's height proves to be too tall for her and she ends up diving into it.

Skywishes and Pinkie Pie have taken to the air in a hot-air balloon as the pegasai have been scared away but without a way to land or a manual, the duo end up getting stuck on a palm tree, hanging for dear life. Thankfully, Thistle Whistle and a few others help get them back onto the ground before returning to their hidng spot. Pinkie Pie and Skywishes realize they need to show the pegasai they're just here to be friends and use a song to do it. Eventually the pegasai come out and go to the party but the sundae takes longer than expected as its very unstable. With the party underway, Star Catcher introduces Skywishes to Baby Honolu-loo, whom greets her before literally diving into the ice cream. After that, everyone forms a conga line and dances to the music.


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Rainbow Dash

Apple Spice


Twinkle Twirl

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Cotton Candy

Coconut Grove

Island Delight

Thistle Whistle

Triple Treat



Baby Honolu-loo  


Make A New Friend Everyday


The movie was first released on VHS. Later, it was re-released with the three other movies as part of the Clasic Movie Collection DVD.

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