Gem Blossom is a minor character in the G3 movies.

Gem Blossom as depicted on the back of her toy's box.


Gem Blossom is yellow with orange, yellow and dark pink hair. Her cutie mark is three flowers while her eyes are pink. She first appears in "Dancing in the Clouds" as a background character watching the roller coaster in action. Later, she's among the ponies practicing for the Friendship Ball and is also seen during the final performance at the end. In A Very Minty Christmas, she's among the ponies listening to Pinkie Pie's speech about Christmas and its festivities.


Gem Blossom was released as part of the Jewel Pony theme, featuring a jewel over part of her cutie mark. She was also released in a four pack with the Bloomin' Blossoms Shop playset.

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