Heart Bright is a white earth pony from A Very Pony Place's "Two for the Sky" animated short. She is first shown as

Heart Bright as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

part of the story Storybelle tells the group of ponies that go to see her.


Heart Bright is white with teal and purple hair. Her eyes are dark blue and her cutie mark is a big pink h
Heart Bright

Heart Bright as seen in "Two for the Sky".

eart with vines and smaller hearts trailing down her leg. She appeared in the animated short "Two for the Sky" as one of two ponies that were alike to the point of being practically twins. She also sings a duet with Star Flight in a song with the same name. Her wing's colors are also different than the colors her actual toy gets, possibly because the character was in a dream when she got the wings there.


Heart Bright was released once in the US and also once outside the US with a bonus Breeezie Pony. Both versions feature wings that flap when the big heart at her hip is pressed.