Kiwi Tart is a pony from the G3 franchise.

Kiwi Tart as depicted on the back of her toy's box.

KIWI TART can be quick with a joke or silly remark, but deep inside she's a sweet and sensitive pony, too. She bakes all the desserts for the ponies' picnics, and makes sure everyone gets their favorite! - Kiwi Tart's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Kiwi Tart is yellow with dark red, pale yellow and light green hair. Her eyes are green and her cutie mark is a slice of

Kiwi Tart during the commercial.

kiwi tart. Kiwi Tart appears in a 3D animation part of a TV commercial that is advertising Scooter Ponies and Dress-Up Ponies.


Kiwi Tart's only release was as part of the Butterfly Island Dazzle Bright Ponies.

Kiwi Tart sealed in its packaging.