Pinkie Pie is one of the main 7 ponies of My Little Pony. Her catchphrase is generally "Absolutely definitely

Pinkie Pie as depicted on the back of her toy's packaging.

positively pink", though it can vary a bit.. Her debut is in the episode A Charming Birthday where she suggests the 8th charm bracelet for Kimono. She appears in all the G3 movies and a few of the shorts. She tends to be more intelligant than other ponies as she analyzes what others have told her just to make sure she isn't misunderstanding.

“This is Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie knows a lot about a lot of things. Like on her birthday, we all got a lesson in how to properly blow up and tie off a balloon. A good tip, but since we already knew how, we pretended we didn’t. After all, it was her birthday.” - Razzaroo's description of Pinkie Pie in "A Charming Birthday".


This version of Pinkie Pie has multiple similarities with her FiM counterpart. Her hair is pink (albeit a lighter shade), her eyes are blue and she features balloons as her cutie mark. She also love parties, though is less silly when it comes to interacting with others or less angry when things don't go her way.


Pinkie pie is the main character of the "Core 7" and is the leader of the group. As such, while she shares the love of fun and parties of her FiM counterpart, she is somewhat more down-to-earth.


As a character seen in all of the G3 movies and The World's Biggest Tea Party, Pinkie Pie has gotten lots of merchandise over the years and is included in several of the books.

Trivia Edit

Her voice sounds like Orange Blossom from Strawberry shortcake Berry Bity City adventures

Pinkie Pie's voice makes an apperance in a special G3 promo where she greets the viewers.

Pinkie Pie is one of roughly 14 characters in The World's Biggest Tea Party live show.

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