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Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree is an animated short included as a bonus feature with The Princess Promenade

The animated short's logo.

VHS and DVD.

Story Edit

Pinkie Pie is minutes away from going on stage but her band isn't even working together. She talks to her fellow band member Fiesta Flair, whom agrees they need to get things going. Pinkie Pie decides to do one of her signature Pinkie Squinks and Tink-A-Tink-A-Too gets some filling in from Fiesta Flair. It soon becomes clear that Pinkie Pie and her band need to play their instruments together. Additionally, Pinkie Pie has a band name idea and brings it to the others and Cotton Candy for approval. The idea is successfully allowed so the ponies get ready.

Cotton Candy takes the stage to announce Pinkie Pie and her band, whom promptly come out with their voices and instruments in full swing. The crowd watches on and gets into the groove as the song continues before giving the band a round of applause for their performance.


We're The Ladybugs


  • During the performance, Pinkie Pie's cutie mark changes to Apple Spice's.

    Pinkie Pie with the incorrect cutie mark when her band returns to the stage during the song.


The band that actually performs.

  • Pinkie Pie's band is never consistant as it changes from her initial band of Fiesta Flair, Tink-A-Tink-A-Too, Sparkleworks, Sunny Daze and Mish Mash Mee to Coconut Cream on cymbols, Sunny Daze on bongos, Triple Treat on tamberine, Pinkie Pie on kazoo, Skywishes on ukalele and Forsythia on maracas. It is possible that Pinkie Pie made a last minute change to her band right before they performed but this is unlikely mostly because her band changes back at the end of the song and it'd be next-to-impossible to make such a decision in a short period of time.