Rainbow Dash is one of the 'Core 7' ponies of G3 and the 'Fashonista' of the group.

Rainbow Dash as depicted on the back of her figure's box.

"Introducing the one, the only, Rainbow Dash. Yes, yes, yes, Rainbow Dash does everything in a big, big, big way. On her birthday, she announced the arrival of a new rainbow. We all waited for it to appear, but instead she came to the party with a rainbow wrapped around her head like a ribbon!” - Razzaroo's description of Rainbow Dash in "A Charming Birthday".

"It's another bright and beautiful day... perfect for riding rainbows in Ponyville. RAINBOW DASH could spend all day riding rainbows, but she has some other exciting things to do as well!" Rainbow Dash's backcard story on the back of her toy's box.


Rainbow Dash is blue with pink, orange, gold and green mane hair with blue and purple tail hair. Her eyes are dark pink and her cutie mark is a rainbow with a cloud at each end. Rainbow Dash first appears in A Charming Birthday where she and several others discuss the ideas for Kimono's birthday present. Later, she can be seen celebrating with others when their present idea problem is solved.

In "Dancing in the Clouds", she's among the ponies watching as Skywishes and her group take flight with the help of Star Catcher's butterflies. Afterward, she gives Twinkle Twirl the award for her work.

In Friends Are Never Far Away", she's with other ponies that are listening to Skywishes' story and doesn't believe it to be true. In "Dancing in the Clouds", In "A Very Minty Christmas", she's first seen with others listening to Pinkie Pie's speech and getting special rememberences as the previous Christmas Host. Later, she's helping to get decorations up with Pinkie Pie's help. Towards the end, she commends Minty for her efforts in trying to make things right.

In "The Runaway Rainbow", she tells the ponies multiple rainbow stories but still doesn't know everything about them. Later, she's among the the residents suffering the loss of their colors but doesn't realize it until she looks at her reflection in the water. At the end, she's among the crowd, cheering on Rarity for making the first rainbow of the season.

In "Greetings from Unicornia", she writes and sends a letter to Ponyville about her adventure in Unicornia. She's later seen with Rarity and Cheerilee singing a song about the making of rainbows and why one should come to Unicornia.

In "The Princess Promenade", her role is much less as she's only seen for brief scenes where she's either arguing or struggling with the others to figure out what to do.Her last apperances are in the Meet the Ponies shorts where she participates in each of her friends' parties and her own party.


As noted before, in G3 she is the owner of Ponyville's Boutique but her Core 7 incarnation's occupation is unknown.


Rainbow Dash has been seen throughout the toy line's run and has had multiple figurine releases and is featured on many of the non-figurine merchandise as well.


Rainbow Dash's voice was drastically changed for her Core 7 apperance with the intent of making her sound younger. In fact, she's really the only member of the Core 7 group to have any change to her voice.N

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