Hey there. I'm Scootaloo, and this is my G3 Wiki page. Austincarter4ever has put great consideration into making this page. I'll be back soon to show off my butterflies...

Scootaloo== Scootaloo is a G3 & G4 pony. To see a current version, click here . She is a main character of this generation. Apparently, her occupation is butterfly catcher sparkle light1999 ( Rebecca ) she thinks scootaloo reminds her of nutty from happy tree friends


Eyes- Purple-ish

Body- Orange (Golden Yellow in the picture)

Mane- Purple and Pink

Cutie MarkEdit

A butterfly and nothing more.


In G4 (trending generation), Scootaloo is a student who instead of a butterfly cutie mark has a badge with a wing in the middle

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