Star Swirl is a white earth pony with pink and white hair. Her cutie mark is a red galaxy spiral.


Star Swirl as depicted on Autumn Skye's backcard on the back of the packaging.

Long after most ponies have gone to bed, Star Swirl is still having fun! She loves to watch rainbow stars travel across the night sky, and make a wish! Day or night, STAR SWIRL is always ready for a new adventure. - Star Swirl's backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Star Swirl is white with dark pink and white hair. Her eyes are pale blue and her cutie mark is a red galaxy spiral. Star Swirl makes no appearances in the G3 movies and instead makes cameos in the G3 comics included with the My Little Pony Annuals.



As a minor character, Star Swirl had limited merchandise, starting out only in Europe as a two pack, then later getting a re-release.