Sweetie Belle is a pony from the Core 7 era.


Sweetie Belle is white with pink, purple and dark purple hair.

Sweetie Belle in "Meet the Ponies".

She appears in all the animated Meet the Ponies shorts and "Twinkle Wish Adventure", where the new redesign of G3s is first used. She also has her own animated short "Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise".

In Twinkle Wish Adventure, she and the others are put in charge of watching a chest contaiing Twinkle Wish, a wishing star that grants one wish the moment she's on top of the Ever Forever Green Tree. When Twinkle Wish is accidentally released, she and the others embark on a journey to get her back. In the end, she gets  the most out of Twinkle Wish's wish as she wished for pink snow and ends up getting it.


As a member of the Core 7, Sweetie Belle was given different releases, though they were generally only varitions of previous releases such as getting her name on her leg, bonus designs on her body, etc.

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