The live show's logo.

The World's Biggest Tea party was a live show around 2007. It featured around 14 characters from the G3 movies, including Spike, Zipzee, Tra-La-La, Tiddly-Wink and even anthromorphic ladybugs. The show has a main story with the ponies and a bit of a side-story with Spike and the ladybugs. It was the only live show produced for the franchise and was rather long, longer than any of the G3 movies released before it.


Spike and the ladybugs are first to greet the audience and Spike asks the audience if they've seen his book. The ponies are then revealed with working eyes and moving mouths. A song beigins that gets the audience introduced to each of the ponies. When it's over, the ponies still need an idea and sing again. This time, however Pinkie Pie realizes they have too many ideas to pick from and eventually decide on the world's biggest tea party. Since there's much to do before the party, each pony sings about their contribution. Later, things are coming together but Rarity hasn't brought the streamers she promised to bring to the party yet.

Spike still doesn't have his special How-To book that the ladybugs have kept hidden away. Worse still, in keeping everyone else in line, Pinkie Pie forgot her contribution, leaving the party without tea. With a little help from Minty, they come up with another idea and Spike finally gets his book that reveals how to have a tea party.


Each pony has animated eyes and mouths that sync up with the audio track that plays throughout the show. As the show progresses, the scenery changes and there's even sound effects to replicate being in different places. Each pony's hind legs are stationary and thus do not move.


The following characters are included:


Pinkiie Pie


Rainbow Dash






The Ladybugs


Thistle Whistle



Disco Dash

Good Morning Ponyville

I'm A Little Teapot

The World's Biggest Tea Party

How You Feel

I Just Wanna Have Fun

Squeeze and Think

You're Cordially Invited

Pinkys Up


A specialized playset was released and could be purchased at the show. Additionally, a double-sided cardboard teapot was given to those attending to follow along with the required segments that needed it. The show was also released on DVD with the intermissions cut out.

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