Toola Roola is an earth pony and becomes one of the main characters in this generation of My Little Pony at th

The original G3 Toola-Roola.

e start of the Core 7 era.

TOOLA-ROOLA is one pony who's always in motion! Almost every day she can be found in Pony Park, doing lots of cartwheels. And her favorite activity is twirling - 'round and 'round in dizzy circles, 'til she falls to the ground laughing! - Toola-Roola's original backcard story from the back of her toy's box.


Originally, Toola-Roola was dark pink with purple, white and teal hair but was changed to be much mo

The Core 7 version of Toola-Roola.

re like G3 Rarity for the Core 7 era with gold, orange and pink mane hair and blue and purple tail hair and blue eyes. The original Toola-Roola made no apperances in the G3 moives or comics but the Core 7 version was shown in each of the Meet the Ponies shorts.


Both vesions of Toola-Roola had merchandise, though the Core 7 version had more due to the importance of the Core 7 theme.


A reincarnation of Toola-Roola has appeared in Season 7, Episode 14 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic;

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