Twinkle Wish Adventure is an animated film that features the Core 7 ponies and a few others in the new style of G3 (which is sometimes

The movie's logo.

nicknamed G3.5).


With the Winter Wishes Festival approaching, Mayor Flitter Flutter gives the gang a special chest containing Twinkle Wish, a star that grants wishes at the designated time and is meant to be placed on top of the Ever Forever Green tree. However, while watching over the chest, it's accidentially knocked over and opened. As a result, Twinkle Wish escapes and is captured by Whimsy Weatherbe, a dragon that lives on Willy Nilly Mountain, which is known for its inconsistant weather patterns.

The ponies set out to get Twinkle Wish back but end up lying to Flitter Flutter by assuring there's nothing wrong with Twinkle Wish. They find Whimsy Weatherbe to be rather grumpy and refusing to give up Twinkle Wish she's kept in a cage. With a little help from the ponies, she lightens up and learns all about how to become friends with someone. They manage to get Twinkle Wish back in time but things are uncertain regarding how much sleep Twinkle Wish had gotten. Luckily, things work out in the end and they even get some pink snow as per one of the ponies' wishes.


Somewhere Super New

That's What Makes a Friend

Thing A Ma Do Song (bonus song not included in the movie)

Wonderful Winter Song (bonus song not included in the movie)

Dreams Do Come True


The movie was released on DVD with the bonus song "Wonderful Winter Song".
Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD

The DVD cover.