Whistle Wishes is a unicorn from Unicornia. She's friends with other unicorns and is one of the key unicorns regarding the first rainbow of the
Whistle Wishes

Whistle Wishes in "The Runaway Rainbow".



Whistle Wishes is light blue with yellow, green and pink hair. Her eyes are violet while her cutie mark is a cloud with two small starrs and a larger star. She's first seen at the beginning of "The Runaway Rainbow" catching a ribbon in the air. Later, she's playing with the large pile of bubbles created from trying to get the Crystal Rainbow Carriage clean. After Rarity accidentially disappears, she and the other unicorns set out to look for her. She is also seen in The Rainbow Song that somewhat explains how they're made.


Her toy figurine does not have the green in her tail.

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