Zipzee is a Breezie Pony from Breezie Blossom. She finds herself constantly sniffing flowers despite her allergies and ends up being thrown

Zipzee as seen in The Princess Promenade.

backwards as a result of her sneezes.


Zipzee is a light yellow pony with orange and gold hair. Her eyes are blue. In The Princess Promenade she waits with the other Breezies for tasks the ponies ask them to do. They're also shown to grow flowers in a most unique way. Later, she encounters G3 Moondancer and is afraid to meet her until Moondancer encourages her on. She even teases Pinkie Pie with a flower.


Zipzee can be rather shy around ponies she's never met before. She loves the smell of spring so much that she sniffs almost every flower she encounters, resulting in a big sneeze that sends her flying in the opposite direction. As a running gag, Zipzee is often seen with Tiddly-Wink and Tra-La-La in a discussion that decides which of them should head out to their destination before they decide to go together.


Zipzee is among three Breezie Ponies in The World's Biggest Tea Party live show.

Zipzee's voice actor Andrea Libman would later voice Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie on FiM.

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